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Rachel + Phil, Glen Foerd Mansion

I typically don't write on our blog posts, but this one needs some words. This wedding July 20 2019 was the HOTTEST wedding of my entire career. Over 100 degrees and I think heat index maybe 110? Plus we were designing in a hot, unventilated tent. The candles were melting and bending without any flame. My point: you would NEVER know from these amazing photos Redfield took. Not to mention, the couple and guests had such a blast regardless of the heat! Can't tell you how we got the flowers to look this good in hot temps, somehow we kept them in the cool or shade for as long as possible and luck was on our side!



Photography: Redfield Photo

Videography: Stagger Films

Invitation: Lovelily Studio

Hair: Top Knot

Signage: Girl Holding a Pen



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